Mechanical Watch

KINGTUS watch all use high-quality automatic or manual winding mechanical movements. Automatic mechanical movements generally have the word "AUTOMATIC" on the dial and can run continuously for more than 36 hours after being fully wound. When the amount of activity is sufficient, wearing it for more than 8 hours a day can provide sufficient power for the movement. When the wearing time is not enough, it is recommended that when canceling the watch at night, swing the watch horizontally from side to side for one minute to make up for the winding. Some automatic mechanical watches can also be manually wound by turning the watch's handle. Manual winding mechanical movements should be wound every day by manually rotating the handle to ensure that the watch has sufficient power.

Mechanical watch travel time error

Mechanical watches completely rely on mechanical structures to ensure travel time accuracy, so there is a certain gap between the travel time accuracy of quartz watches. According to the national light industry industry standard QB/T 1249 squadron first-class mechanical watch regulations, the actual daily time difference on the men's watch (referring to the travel time error when the watch dial is placed upward for 24 hours in the test environment) is -20~+40 seconds/day. On the surface, the actual daily difference is -25~+50 seconds/day. Jinduo mechanical watches use high-quality mechanical movements. The company strictly controls the travel time error in accordance with the standards of QB/T 1249 medium and high-quality products. That is, the actual daily time difference for men's watches is -10~+25 seconds, and the actual daily time difference for women's watches is -10~+25 seconds. The difference is -15~+40 seconds. Due to different wearing conditions such as temperature, humidity, regional environment and watch working position during actual use, the actual daily error may slightly exceed the range of high-quality products. If the running time error is relatively large every day for many consecutive days, the running time accuracy of the movement may need to be adjusted. In this case, please bring the watch and warranty card to a repair station designated by our company for inspection.

Quartz Watch

Quartz watches are powered by batteries and use the stable high-frequency vibration of the quartz crystal as the time base. Therefore, quartz watches are highly reliable and accurate. According to the provisions of the national standard QB/T 6044, the average daily deviation of high-quality quartz watches is ±0.5 seconds. In the internal testing room of Jinduo Company, we strictly follow the requirements of high-quality products for control. In daily use, the Jinduo quartz watch can ensure that the monthly error does not exceed ±20 seconds.

Watch Material

Commonly used materials for watch cases and straps include brass, stainless steel, tungsten steel, ceramics, K gold, leather, etc. Other materials such as titanium, aluminum, silver, plastic, and plastic are also often used in watches. Brass is relatively soft and easy to work. There are various electroplating layers on its surface. The coating is easy to wear after long-term use. Stainless steel is currently the most widely used watch material. It has the advantages of wear resistance, rust resistance, antimagnetism, and anti-corrosion. Tungsten steel and ceramics are high-tech emerging materials. Their hardness is close to that of natural diamonds. They are not easy to wear and are as bright as a mirror. It is difficult to wear or scratch the surface in daily use. However, its impact resistance is slightly worse, so impacts should be avoided in daily use. or dropped. Pure gold is soft, has low hardness, and is not wear-resistant. Therefore, K gold is generally used as watch material. K gold accessories of gold rudder watches are all made of 18K gold or rose gold. Leather straps are comfortable to wear and are a very common strap material. Commonly used ones are calfskin, ostrich skin and crocodile skin.

Watch Waterproof

All KINGTUS watches can meet the waterproof requirement of 30 meters (3bar). The back cover of the watch has the words "WATER RESISTANT" or "WATER RESISTANT 30M". Watches with higher waterproof depth will have "WATER RE-SISTANT XXM" marked on the back cover. , where "XXM" is the specific waterproof depth, such as "50M" means that the waterproof depth of the watch is 50 meters (5ba). The waterproof degree of ordinary waterproof watches is limited to water splash or light rain without pressure, and cannot be used for swimming or diving, because Swimming movements and changes in water flow will increase the pressure of the water and cause the watch to leak. In addition, waterproof watches should not be used in warm water, bathrooms, and environments with drastic temperature changes, because these conditions will accelerate the aging of the waterproof materials of the watch and affect the performance of the watch. Waterproof performance. If water mist appears in the watch mirror, it means that water has entered the watch case. At this time, please go to the Jinduo repair station for waterproof testing and replace waterproof accessories in time to avoid water damage to the movement.

Antimagnetic Watch

The watch should not be exposed to or placed in places with strong magnetic fields. When wearing it, if it comes into contact with objects such as generators and motors with strong magnetic fields, or if the watch is accidentally placed near radios, televisions, stereos, magnets, etc., the watch will be magnetized by the magnetic field. After the watch is magnetized, not only the time will be inaccurate, but some may even stop. Encountered this situation. You should go to a Jinduo repair station for demagnetization to restore the watch to normal.