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About Us

Brand Culture

Cultural value is the lifeblood of brand value. Of course, the communication and interpretation of fashion are inseparable from cultural value. With the integration of cultural values, fashion can be perfectly expressed and publicized, and it can appear so beautiful and magical.

Brand culture is also consumer culture. Only by digging out one's own core cultural values ​​​​among thousands of watch brands can we find the exact market entry point among thousands of watch brands and spread them. Only in this way can we achieve the goal. The so-called "one voice speaks" requirement, and what changes is only the form (forms are diverse, God is unified).

The purpose of Jinduo to determine the cultural value of the brand is to market it and achieve resonance with consumers. Those who know others are wise, and those who know themselves are wise. Market competition is a game. While keeping an eye on your opponents, you must also know who you are. In the process of rapid expansion of enterprises, when they achieve some achievements in the market, they should look back at themselves. The reality of the brand is that if you find that you still don’t know what your brand wants to stand for, then your hard work and efforts will be in vain, and the brand you build will be like a mirage, short-lived and illusory.

A famous Swiss advertising communicator once said: “In order for a product to achieve the purpose of competition, it must incorporate unique cultural concepts before entering the eyes and ears of customers.” Only when a product is endowed with a profound cultural heritage can it compete in a market with many brands. Stand out from the competition.

Brands are inseparable from the support of culture. If a brand has no cultural value or has not explored its own cultural value, the brand will lose its foundation. Without cultural value, a brand will lose its market power, which will inevitably lead to blind advancement and waste by enterprises.


In the same way, companies that have cultural value and use it flexibly can not only win market profits, but also determine their own distinctive cultural personality, so that consumers can form a high level of awareness and have the conditions to choose from multiple brands. Reflection, if there is no first choice and comparison, no matter how good your product is, it will be nothing more than a decoration. This is also the reason why leading brands in various industries will win when consumers generate needs or make choices.